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Gimnasio de Boxeo – Boxing Gym Havana

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Photography Boxing Gym Havana:

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The Story:

Boxing is a popular sport in Cuba. The country has a long list of Olympic gold medals

to demonstrate its skills.

The sport of boxing originally arrived in Cuba during the high tourist season from Northern America and in 1909 Havana had its first professional fight.

In 1910 a Chilean named John Budinich established the first boxing academy in


Two years later government banned boxing because of violence on the streets

between black and white people.

Therefore boxing matches had to go behind closed doors as it grew popular

throughout the island.

Despite the banishment of the sport at the time, for the lower classes, boxing

became a possible ticket out of poverty.

In 1921 Cuban government decided to give it another chance and legitimized boxing


Rafael Trejo Gimnasio de Boxeo is one of the oldest boxing gyms in Havana, being

named after the revolutionary, Rafael Trejo, who was killed in 1936.

A home to some of Cubas elite athletes and young champions-to-be is located in

Habana Vieja, where only a small sign identifies the spot.

One old cigar smoking man is waiting in front of the door every day just to tell you

that today it’s closed.

Just try it tomorrow again“ he said for three days in a row.

It takes quite a while to find out the opening times of this special place.

A place as simple and unique as this training ground with an open-sky ring trapped

between deteriorating apartment buildings, is where you can find ambition and hope

in the eyes of the young boxing talents.

The walls around the entrance area show old posters and photos of famous boxers. It describes a time of fame and glory.

The athletes train hard and concentrated, using old equipment. The older boxers

share the space with those who are just starting out their career.

After a career of fighting for their country most Cubans continue to stay in the sport,

many as administrators or trainers. Through this way the knowledge and experience

is passed down to the next generation of athletes.


Gimnasio de Boxeo: A story about boxing in Cuba.


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